Neurosurgical Imaging & Navigation Symposium

November 8-9, 2019 / Brainlab Headquarters Munich

Brainlab invites you to join us and leading neurosurgeons for two days of engaging presentations about neurosurgical navigation and imaging. Discover and delve into microscope integration with augmented reality, intraoperative imaging, navigated live ultrasound, virtual iMRI and more.

Main Topics

Microscope Integration with Augmented Reality in Cranial & Spine Surgery

Discover how microscope navigation benefits the surgical workflow with advances such as 3D visualization, mixed reality overlay and robotic movement.

Navigated Ultrasound – Live Intraoperative Imaging

Join this session to learn more about the unique possibilities of intraoperative ultrasound and experience its seamless integration with Brainlab neuronavigation.

Intraoperative Imaging and Automatic Registration

Learn about the option to utilize intraoperative imaging devices in combination with navigation for Cranial, DBS and Spinal procedures.

Elements Cranial Planning with Intraoperative Updates

Join us for a discussion on the fundamentals of cranial planning with Elements, including Image Fusion, Fibertracking and Virtual iMRI.